SPINNING is a 60-minute workout in any and all of the Spinning Energy Zones: Recovery, Endurance, Strength, Intervals, or Race Day.  Your instructor will bring a different training goal to each class, designed to challenge your fitness, improve strength & cardiovascular health, and promote weight loss and overall well being.  

SPIN45 has all the benefits of a 60-minute class, in a 45-minute format.  

INTERVALS SPINNING is a heart rate-focused workout, promoting improved cardiovascular fitness, characterized by periods of work followed by a periods of recovery. 

H.I.I.T. SPIN is a 45-minute class designed with High Intensity Intervals Training in mind. This class is heart-rate focused, where students are aware of their lactate and/or anaerobic threshold and train to improve that threshold with the HIIT method.  

STRENGTH SPINNING is a 45-minute class dedicated to slower cadences and bigger gears - a climbing workout on the Spinner bike. This class is designed to increase leg strength and develop a strong cardiovascular system!   

BODYBLADE BLAST is a 60-minute, full-body workout, combining traditional SPINNING and off-the-bike upper body training using a BodyBlade to improve core stability, muscle strength and endurance.  

We are a POLAR® Heart Rate club and heart rate straps which connect with our bike computer consoles are available for every student to use in every class at no additional charge.